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6 Tips for Timeless Home Improvements

There are many timeless renovations you can make, but the best ones will stand the test of time and investment. It’s worth considering home improvements that can secure not only the timelessness of your home’s aesthetic, but also its integrity.

Get Quality Materials That Last

Quality and timelessness are strongly linked, so be sure to use high-quality materials during your home improvement projects to get a look and feel that will last. Stone countertops in your kitchen and bathroom are a great example of using quality materials for a timeless look.

Know the Most Desirable Renovations

From the Pacific Northwest to the Gulf Coast, there are home improvements you can make that are desired nationwide. Finding and making renovations that everyone wants means you could profit should you decide to sell your home in the future.

Consistently trending projects include:
• remodeling a bathroom,
• installing a new roof,
• adding a patio or deck,
• installing air conditioning,
• adding a garage, and
• painting or staining your home’s exterior.

Learn more about the Return on Investment for these renovations on HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Report.

Choose Materials Based on Location

West Coast and East Coast architectural and design styles are as far apart as—well the coasts, and for good reason. The materials you use in your home have more staying power when the demands of location are considered.

Authentic hardwood floors are timeless and gorgeous, but if you live in an extremely humid area, the beauty of your floors can become warped over time. The sturdiness of slate or tile can withstand these conditions better. Keep this in mind as you select your materials.

Keep It Light and Bright

Though it may seem like a trend, modern designs that keep your space light and bright appeal to the senses. Neutral colors and natural light can even affect your mood. Complement these designs with sturdy materials and soft textures.

Use careful consideration when choosing your lighting fixtures. Large or well-placed windows can increase natural light, make you feel more connected to the outside world and help your space feel more open. Select lighting that adds ambiance to your space, or a fixture style that recedes into other elements of your home so well that you almost forget they’re there.

Include Lots of Storage

Whether you decide to store your car in a new garage or simply improve your closet space, the value of having a place for everything never diminishes.

Keeping your home uncluttered and organized is important whether you’re having company or just trying to make day-to-day life a little easier. If your home needs more storage room, consider adding a closet. This guide can help you get started.

Get Inspiration From Classical Design

What better way to begin timeless improvements than finding inspiration from classic examples? If you love historic styles, include your favorite pieces throughout your home.

If you’re an admirer of Victorian-style, bring ornate woodwork or intricate patterns to your home. Rich, muted tones such as bronze green and burgundy are popular throughout many historic styles and preserve their timelessness today. Just be wary of making any room too dark.

If you’re a mid-century design lover, you’re in luck! Many of these trends have withstood the test of time and re-emerged in full-force. Simple lines and comfortable squares are reliably popular trends that you can find in furniture or cabinetry updates. Just be careful not to overdo loud prints or dated color schemes.

Consider the Bottom Line

Renovations that consider your home’s and your neighborhood’s average home value help your ROI and possibly your relationship with the local neighborhood association. So whatever improvements you decide to make, keep in mind the average property value in your neighborhood, without giving in to builder-grade trends that future potential homebuyers may find less desirable.

Following these tips can help give your home a timeless look that you’ll be proud to call your own.